Blob and Magnet - PC

2.5D Sidescroller Puzzle game with Dual character control!

Co-Founded Tricksy Triad Interactive, an Indie game studio with a childhood friend of mine. We worked on a PC game titled, Blob and Magnet which is finished and about to go up on steam. I ran the entire development of the project. I hired, trained and managed a team of 4 and a freelancer throughout the project. I was mainly a programmer for Gameplay, physics, backend and the puzzle features. I also wrote the narrative design and was part of the game design for the project.


FIFA 14 is Alive!

I was on the FE team on FIFA 14.! And I owned the main FE transition this year (New Tile Based menus).. I was the sole owner of the new menus for until M3 after which we started distributing the task.. I was also involved in a lot of Screen, flows n navigations, layouts, BE support for FE and other things among owning menus.! I was then moved to FIFA WorldCup 2014, but as a Pseudo-Lead of the FE team in the game..

UnBoxed - Trailer

The world revolves around you.

This is a trailer demonstrating features of UnBoxed, my year-end project at VFS.

UnBoxed is a first person puzzle game that takes place in a 3D space. The character is trapped inside a room made of cubes over which he has control. The player can manipulate rows of cubes to solve puzzles, with the objective of escaping alive. With wise use of the mechanic, the player can turn traps into tools to find a way out.